About us

Our team is specialised in agricultural investments in Europe and worldwide.

We offer years of experience in management positions in the agricultural sphere. This is how we can add value to your business. Together we cover all areas of agriculture – starting with analysis and finishing with support for your day-to-day work.

Your entrepreneurial visions – converted to coherent concepts.

We understand the differences of entrepreneurial aims – and the resulting variation of potential solutions. We turn them into reality taking into account your individual ideas. This we do representing traditional agricultural values – long-term thinking, adding value and stability.
With our passion and a focus on the quality of our services we are a competent partner for our clients.

The Team

Dr. Christian Ebmeyer

Dr. Christian Ebmeyer

Dr. Ebmeyer comes from an agricultural family background and studied agriculture focussing on agribusiness. After that he completed his PhD in agricultural economics. As a part of the PhD program he contributed to setting up an international farm comparison network.

Following this he worked as a Project Manager for an agricultural investment fund. Hereafter he joined a listed agricultural holding as the Head of Cash Management and Controlling, before taking on the role of Project Manager in a German-Russian agriholding to support their activities on the capital market. In the meantime this agriholding has become Russia´s biggest producer of milk.

Focus within AgriCS

Finance, Planning, Reporting and Controlling, Investor Relations

Georg von Nolcken

Georg von Nolcken, M.Sc.

Georg v. Nolcken comes from a family farming background and was trained as a farmer. He studied agriculture focusing on agronomy and agricultural economics. Starting his professional career he worked for an international agricultural business as a Farm Manager in the Czech Republic.

Following this he worked for an agricultural contracting business in North-East Germany as the General Manager. Joining his previous employer as a Business Development Manager he conducted several agricultural projects in different countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2011 he has worked as a self-employed consultant and in this context held the position of a CEO in a Russian agriholding.

Focus within AgriCS

Strategy, Management, Planning